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These are my absolute favorite captures of my clients.  These moments were captured so perfectly because the beautiful brides and grooms from the past trusted me to lead them to these places.  As a photographer I don't always get to control things, like the weather or the lighting of the venue, but good thing this isn't my first rodeo. It took me MANY years to get to this place to be able to create a consistent, beautiful image no matter WHAT happens.  I've fine tuned my craft and my skill, so you don't have to worry about whether the photos will come out good or not.  They most definitely will, and I have the client base to prove that.  So all I want you to focus on, is being present, open to playing, and being in love.  Deal? 

Take a look at the magic!

Want to see a more in depth glance?  Check out my featured work here.  Or you can visit my blog for all of my most recent weddings.


Lake Mohawk Country Club

Sparta, New Jersey

john and robbie thumbnail.jpg

Matt + Robbie

Housing Works Bookstore


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