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My Big Fat Gay Wedding.

First and foremost I just want to say that here in my neck of the woods, we firmly believe that love is love.  Now that I got that off my chest, I want to admit to you that even though in my eyes all marriages are equal, most LGBTQ weddings that I've had the privilege of shooting I have noticed that there is something decidedly different about them.  I think I was able to put a finger on it when I was hanging out with John and Robbie on our down time.  I tried to explain this observation to John and his sister who was standing near by (and who is also queer) offered an explanation that I wholeheartedly agree with.  To most queer people growing up, getting married was something of an impossible dream.  


So now that it is part of our reality, as a wedding story- teller I can really sense the absolute gratitude in unions between LQBTQ folks.  And honestly, it makes the world and my job that much sweeter.  The color, passion and creative vibes from these NYC lovers was everything that you would expect it to be and more.  Not a single dry eye when they said their vows....including me.  And I've seen over 500 people get married.   It was beyond epic to watch these two step out and say I do, and the party that followed at the beautiful unique Housing Works Bookstore was fabulous.  


I invite you to take awe in the love that these two very handsome men share, and I cant wait till I start getting future LGBTQ clients who have never once assumed that their love wouldn't be accepted and embraced.

I love watching them watch <3

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