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In my studies as a photographer, I came across a fun little fact about the beginning phases of the invention of the camera.  As the camera became more and more common place in the 1850's some people began to believe that it was magic and that it could capture your soul.  Turns out they weren't that far off, in my opinion. 

There is something to be said about that; this essence of the soul being captured.  If you're asking what my favorite part of my job is, I would tell you that chasing the light and finding the composition aren't nearly as exciting as eliciting a genuine smile from my subjects.  THAT moment.  The moment when you forget there's a camera in your face and you laugh for real.  Or when you allow your partner's gaze to affect you on the inside, it will show on the outside.  That's the authentic that I want.  That is the soul I want to capture.  That's what lights me up on the inside as artist.  

Now I could tell you all about a very long decade of study with my trusty camera side-kick, but I'll allow my behind the scenes content and my work to speak for themselves.

Bottom line I am passionate about what I do and the company I keep, and I am simple in how I conduct my business ethics.  

A decade long study.
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