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'The closest you'll ever get to time travel is glancing at a photograph.'

New Jersey Wedding Photography

 Your wedding day in New Jersey can go by fast.  A lot of newly wed couples often report, 'we blinked and the wedding day was over'.  It's important that you experience it all; and unfortunately once your wedding day is over, you can't go back in time.  
You want to feel connected to these moments in the most authentic way possible.  You don't want cheesy, overly-posed photographs.  You want simple, you want real, and you want all of those tiny details you missed and glossed-over, happy-cry moments solidified forever in the most vivid, stunning imagery.


The Style

I entered into this craft through my love of film-making.  So I just tell my clients my wedding imagery will feel like watching an epic romance film.  Soft backgrounds, soft lighting, and soft hearts full of love!


The Word of Mouth


'Cory was amazing throughout our whole experience.  From the moment she arrived to my hotel, I immediately felt at ease and like I was in good hands.  She was so organized and had us running the day like it was an absolute breeze.  She already knew what I needed and wanted before I even asked her, and in some cases it felt like she could read my mind.  This girl is the lighting guru! Save yourself the hassel...she's the best photographer out there.'


An Opening Word To My Clients:

My approach is pretty straight forward.  Authenticity is my brand.   Connection is my magic.  Authenticity is usually only achieved when everyone is relaxed and feeling confident.  As good as I am with a camera, the other less visible part of my my job is getting you to those REAL moments with those REAL emotions.  I do that with a combination of building trust (constant communication), being professional (ie, years of experience and artistic training), and being so so so chill. 


Come as you are! Feel like your awkward in front of the camera? Amazing, lets work with that.  Think your left side is your best side?  My reply would be, 'who doesn't have a good side?'  While there will always be an artistic motivation behind my photos, I also know that the best photos are also usually the ones POURING with emotion...even the ones of you ugly crying. I'll help you to embrace all of it.  The beautiful, the bold, and the weird.

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