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Get ready to be overloaded with wedding tip gems.


People tell me all the time that I need to charge for/protect the knowledge that I've accumulated over the years as a wedding photographer; and parts of that I agree with.  However, I'm of a sound mind that we're all on the same team whether or not you pick me as your wedding photographer.  I just want everyone to have the best day ever when they get married; with or without me.  In this video I compiled the top ten pieces of advice I can give to couples.  Now they may seem basic, but you'd be surprised what you didn't think of.  Its a quick one, so if you've got 3 minutes or less I can send you off with a little more insight, so you're more prepared to have a killer wedding day!

Ps.  My cats made another cameo.  I would apologize but it's 2023 and we are out here living our truth, even if it's not perfect.

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