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My Best Friend's Sister's Wedding. 

I met my best friend Nicole (the bad-ass Matron of honor with the tattoos) in an acting class at Rutgers.  We both love to laugh about how we first hated each other, but due to the universe sticking us together in so many partner-building exercises during class; it was inevitable that we became close.   I've known Samantha (the bride, and Nicole's sister) for close to a decade and a half.  I've seen her and chatted with her at many of the Delrosso family gatherings.  She's one of the funniest girls in the family tree that I know.  I actually remember the first time she brought Pete around.  I remember having the thought that he was just the sweetest boy, and Nicole and I mutually agreed that we liked him.  Fast forward a few years later, Pete (like the true romantic he is) proposed to Samantha in Paris!

Now like most couples in the early 2019 months, Samantha and Pete had to entirely change their plans around due to Covid.  While they were originally thinking about getting married in Spain, that quickly adjusted after lockdown.  Needing to stay local and outdoors, they picked the stunning Inn at Barley Sheaf Farm.  Even though the wedding in Spain would have been epic, they had the most beautiful day any couple could ask for.  The sun was kind, the fall leaves were turning, and the space was truly one from a storybook.  


Being part of the family and being connected to these memories was truly a gift for me, and it was essentially hard to remain professional and composed while tears and snot were running down my face. I just about started whaling when Pete turned around to look at her.  IT WAS SO GOOD.  

Anyway I hope you enjoy this one, because this one is one from my heart.

I'm really looking forward to watching Samantha and Pete grow old together, and I really hope they keep the couple tiktoks coming.


(Me and the Bestie Gettin DOWN)


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