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I was NEVER more happy to tell a friend 'I told you so' then I was to tell my good friend Robbie 'Masserobie' Padavano.  I met Robbie when we were babies in the wedding industry.  He was usually staffed as the MC on most of the events when I worked as a lead photographer for a DJ company, and boy what a personality.  Mr. Life-of-the-Party and I had some crazy times over the years. The stories we could tell you...would take an entire evening and multiple glasses of wine.  When he was younger, he always used to tell me that he would never get married, and I would roll my eyes at him and tell him that he would change his mind when he met his person.  So here we are Robbie.  I told you so.

Anyway, the ever-stunning Rachael swooped into his life and how they met always makes me laugh when I think about just how ITALIAN it was.  Rachael actually met Robbie's Mom at a wedding, and Robbie's Mom asked if she was single.  Luckily for Robbie, she was, and Robbie's own Mom facilitated their first date!  You really can't get much more Italian than that.

Robbie proposed to Rachael at the Molly Pitcher Inn and the two immediately began planning their wedding at South Gate Manor.  They both got ready at the venue, exchanged gifts, and Rachael shared a really cute first look with her Dad, before they all headed off to the church for the ceremony.

They decided that they wanted to see each other for the first time when Rachael came down the aisle.  Robbies reaction did not disappoint.  I could see that he was truly moved by the meaning of the moment, and by his bride-to-be in all of her beauty.  They said their ' I dos' and were officially pronounced Mr. and Mrs. Padavano...and just like that 'Maserobbie' is off the market.