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Nicole, Brandon, and I spent A LOT of time together.  In the history of my being a wedding photographer; these two win the contest in terms of how well I got to know a couple.  I shot their engagement session, their first wedding (thanks again to Covid) and their second...vow renewal a year later.  They even gave me a B&H card with a little note that said, 'for lost gear'.  That's how well they got to know me.  I have so many photos of them.  They feel like family at this point.  So I'll take you back to the start when I met them about 3 years ago.  

Nicole and Brandon had the pleasure of being one of the lucky couples that planned their wedding smack dab in the beginning of the pandemic (oy!).  After a lot of crying and rescheduling; they decided to have a small ceremony in the church with just family and friends, and planned their actual wedding party for the following year.  

Fast forward almost a year and a half later, Covid had loosened its grip a bit and people were ready to get back out there.  I got a phone call from Nicole saying the party was back on, and I was grabbed my gear and headed over to meet them at the hotel to grab these great images of them getting ready! I don't know if it was because they were already married, or if it was just because they're an awesome couple...the day was off to a super great relaxed start.

After grabbing some quick portraits with their friends and family we headed out to their beautiful venue, the Mill at Spring Lake.  It was a cold day in February, and I had to remind everyone to 'look warm'.  I think they did a pretty good job, no?  You can't really tell that it was 18 degrees outside from their faces.  After they braved the cold, we finished off a few more portraits inside the venue and then it was time for Nicole and Brandon were tucked away as their guests started to arrive.