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This was the trip that started the first of many.  It was the first solo trip I had ever taken and I went there with the intention of rediscovering my hobby for photography.  When you monetize a hobby, sometimes it's hard to pick it up during your days off.  Also, full disclosure, I also went there to do some healing.  I had lost myself to some circumstances in my life and I felt as if I needed to do a bit of 'reclaiming myself'.  So I planned all of the things that my heart could desire.  I went zip-lining, and spelunking, and surfing.  I slept in the tree tops of the rainforest and I jumped off of waterfalls that were 100 ft high.  Granted those things didn't make it to my camera roll because I didn't want to damage my baby, but I made a video about it if you care to watch my adventures (at the bottom of the scroll).  When I came back from this trip I felt something had shifted within me, and it was nice to remember for a minute what it feels like to be driven by my internal love for adventure and story-telling.

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