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I had the opportunity through my friends at Neymarc Visuals to design a branding campaign for the launch of Princess Cruises' newest product, the Ocean Medallion.  This new piece of technology allows you to relax to the fullest on the ship, and Princess Cruises needed some help creating some buzz about the product.    Check it out!  Be careful!  You'll want to be booking a cruise after you watch.

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I had the opportunity through my friends at Neymarc Visuals to shoot and edit some of Nasdaq's IPO ceremonies, and needless to say the confetti is the best part.  When a company goes public, Nasdaq runs a whole event for their clients that airs on CNBC and other news stations.  I got to work with Nasdaq to create a same day edits for their social media, so they can announce to the world, that these stocks are HOT.


When Danielle reached out to me for a little branding session, I have to admit I didn't know who she was.   After a little research I was blown away!  City Girl Gone Mom is almost a whole movement.  With her gigantic influence on Instagram and powerful podcast about life as a mom of 4 children, City Girl Gone Mom is your one stop shop for any parenting/life advice you could need.  Go check her out!


I had an absolute blast covering the filming of this music video!!! The parcels asked me to create a branding session for their American audiences, so we shot right here in the dynamic NYC on the rooftop of a music studio.  I have to say that these guys were the closest thing to a modern day 'Beatles' that I've ever encountered, and I was singing their songs after left.  Their smash hit 'Tied up Right Now' was definitely stuck in my mind for weeks.  Take a peek.

Joe and his team at Contractor Dynamics, spend most of their time creating websites for construction contractors.  Joe knows that when creating an online profile, video is one of the assets that will set your website apart.  So he hit me up to create a video for him that profiles his company, because if there's one thing I excel at it's creating visuals that will drive sales.

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